Ecommerce Website Services in Langley

Ecommerce Website Services in Langley

Want to take your product sales online? Starting a new business that could benefit from online sales? At Net 360 Solutions, our ecommerce website services in Langley provides a local solution to the local business community – and the consumers seeking local products and services.

If you wish to take your marketing online in a local way – we can help!

Ecommerce Website Services in Langley

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Online shopping through ecommerce has become the norm for many consumers, and businesses from a large variety of industries are benefiting from the additional revenues that it’s generating. The growing popularity of ecommerce has increased usage on platforms such as ‘Shopify’ or ‘WooCommerce’ that are designed to simplify the ecommerce creation & management process.

In addition, we also discuss some of the reasons an ecommerce website might be the right approach to your digital marketing decisions. Some of which include that fact that it…

  • Creates a simpler, faster buying process for your customers
  • Allows you to reach more customers geographically
  • Reduces overhead costs of a brick and mortar business
  • Is easier to provide and display more product information
  • Allows your business can be open for shopping 24/7 all year long


Website & Email Hosting Plans for Local Langley Business

In addition to ecommerce websites, our local online services in Langley also provide overall website and email hosting plans.

We know that the digital world moves quickly, and keeping up might feel like a race at times. We would love to help ensure you are staying in-step with industry standards such as mobile-friendly websites, social media maintenance, as well as search engine optimization methods, ensuring potential customers are effectively finding you.

This is a topic we recently covered in our blog post ‘SEO in Langley: Why Optimizing Your Website Matters’ – stating that…

Optimizing Your Website Matters Because It…

  • Puts your business directly in front of shoppers
  • Increased targeted traffic to your website
  • Increased sales with less time spent prospecting
  • Keeps your business ahead of your competitors
  • SEO can provide high return on marketing investment

Whether you’re curious to know more about our SEO services or Ecommerce Website Services in Langley – we would love to help!


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