A Picture Says a Thousand Words

We are all very aware of the hyper-filtered world we now find ourselves in. From online filters to political filters, we have filtered every blemish off our faces and records as we sit fit. And although “a picture says a thousand words” is an age-old quote by Fred Barnard of

‘Back-to-School’ Basics for Your Local Website

Having a user-friendly, mobile-ready, attractive website for your local buying audience is an imperative part of modern day marketing. And at Net 360 Solutions – we’re here to help you create exactly that, offering you these ‘‘Back-to-School’ Basics for Your Local Website’ so you’re properly equipped for the season ahead!

Digital Marketing in Vancouver

Generate More Business With Online Marketing

Online marketing is the fastest growing “entity” (if you will) in the marketing realm today. Although other forms of traditional marketing still play an important role for many businesses, online marketing – also referred to more commonly as ‘digital marketing’, has become the frontrunner for companies worldwide. The World Wide

The Benefits of ‘Google My Business’

As a business owner, it may be difficult to keep up on all aspects of operations, wearing different “business hats” that include sales, promotions, as well as marketing for your company. Which is why Net 360 Solutions would like to explain ‘The Benefits of Google My Business’, and help you

Video Marketing

How To Get Your Message Across Quickly With Video Marketing

Today’s consumers are busy savvy shoppers. They are not easily sold on a product or service simply by using a lot of fancy descriptive words or appropriately places punctuation. Rather, they are looking to utilize businesses that are often local, socially conscious, and can quickly tell them “what’s in it

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies for Summer

Summer is a beautiful time for families and friends to enjoy gatherings around the BBQ, head off to the beach for a swim, or just generally enjoying the warm weather around the Lower Mainland. However, for local businesses – summer can be a little lackluster as it is often a

Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Employee

Business owners, especially small/independent/local business owners, tirelessly seek out the right employees to represent their business. But have you ever considered your website as an employee? We’re here to tell you why you should, in fact, Treat Your Website Like Your #1 Employee! Your Website Speaks for Your Business As

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