The Age-Old Art of Storytelling, With a Modern Twist

We live in a world where we are marketed to all the time from all directions. Regardless of if you are driving in your car listening to the radio, at home watching the news, reading an email from a co-worker or walking down the street minding your own business –

Uncover the Influence of Influencers for Your Business

Looking to ‘Uncover the Influence of Influencers for Your Business? Find out who they are, what they do, and how you can tap into their influence within the local Vancouver marketplace! The concept of an “Influencer”, seems like a far-flung ‘reality-show-meets-modern-day-rockstar’ job description. And although some might argue that it’s

How To Build Your Local Business With Online Marketing

Regardless of if you are a small local business serving your community, or a big business that has been around for generations; Net 360 Solutions understands that every business owner is always looking to maximize their success. Which is why we want to share our knowledge and expertise on ‘How

The Positive Results of Refreshing Your Website

There’s something about spring in the air that makes us all want to “refresh” everything. Our clothes, our homes – and even our business efforts. As a local Digital Marketing Company in Langley, we’re here to help you do exactly that – gain positive results through refreshing your website …and

Online digital marketing

Show the Online World That You LOVE What You Do

Branding your business isn’t just about a well-designed logo, a crafty slogan or creative Facebook posts. It’s also about building the personality of your brand, both showing and telling people who you are with images of your products and services, write-ups revolving around your mission, how you implement that on

Email subscriptions

Spring Cleaning Your Email Marketing Campaign

Sometimes a fresh start is all a company needs to gain fresh attention. We don’t mean going so far as rebranding your company; but even small changes – like ‘Spring Cleaning Your Email Marketing Template’ can turn a customer back on to your business, or entice a new customer to

langley copywriting

Why Quality Copywriting Matters for Your Website

Website copy, regardless of if it’s written for your home page, your about page or your blog, is intended to provide persuasive communication that prompts a call to action. Without that action, your website is simply a static conglomeration of pages offering little to help your business gain the customers

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Online Feedback

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Online Feedback

In an era where our personal and professional lives are beginning to become very public, some businesses want to take a backseat with being “over-exposed” online, and resist feedback and/or reviews with an open forum online. However, there is much to be said about ‘Why Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Online Feedback’,

End of Year ‘Musts’ for Your Digital Marketing Wrap-Up

Whether you are new to the Digital Marketing world or you have had a presence online for quite some time, ensuring your digital marketing platforms are current is important to your success. Although many business owners think that once their website is set up, it will operate in the background

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