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SEO Services Company Langley

Choosing the right SEO Services Company in Langley can be difficult – if you’re uncertain what to look for.

Welcome to Net 360 Solutions. We’re a Langley SEO services company, and we specialize in getting our clients to the top of the Google search results through a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our goal is help our clients maximize the potential of their website by attracting as much targeted traffic to their site as possible.

SEO Services Company Langley

Choosing a company that provides SEO in Langley services can be difficult – if you’re uncertain what to look for. The fact is that not every SEO company uses the same techniques or produces the same results for their clients. It is important, when choosing an SEO company for your business, that the company you choose can deliver the results they promise, ideally without charging you an arm and a leg.

When searching for a Langley SEO services company, there are a few important things to consider. We’ve summarized the main points of what to look for. Remember – not every SEO company is built the same, so use these guidelines to ensure you are choosing the right fit for your company:

(1) Proven Google page #1 rankings. This should be the main objective of an SEO company. If you’re not getting Google page #1 results, then it’s really not worth spending money for SEO services. It’s proven that over 94% of all search result clicks are on the first page, so traffic may be scarce for anything beyond.

(2) A fair pricing and payment structure. Different SEO services companies have different payment structures and pricing options. Some SEO companies will ask for a large sum of money up-front, and then an on-going monthly fee. This can be a difficult option for some individuals who are looking for SEO services. The fact is that it takes time to get to the top of the Google rankings. It’s not easy to hand over a large lump-sum of cash to a company that hasn’t shown you any results yet.

There are a few Lower Mainland SEO services companies, such as ours, that do not require a lump-sum payment up-front. Instead, costs are spread out, to allow time to develop a trusted working relationship, and to make it easier for a business to afford to get started.

As for pricing, we believe that the cost should not be determined based on how much more profitable your company could become if SEO was used on your company’s website. Some companies will become a lot more profitable than others and we believe that our clients should reap those benefits.

Instead, our rates are calculated based on a fair evaluation of the client’s industry, the competitiveness of the selected search terms, and what will be required for us to get them where they want to be; Google page #1.

(3) Business experience. It’s easy to find people in the Lower Mainland who know their way around technology. These people are commonly labeled as ‘techies’. It is very important to consider, however, that no matter how much traffic gets directed to your website through better rankings, converting that traffic to actual sales is what really matters. This is where business experience comes in. Net360Solutions is a Langley SEO services company that also has background in sales, marketing and web design. We can analyze your website to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your increased traffic and converting as much sales as possible.

SEO Services Company Langley

(4) Locally based vs. off-shore. More and more these days, web services work is being outsourced to off-shore locations. The difficulty with this is that some off-shore SEO services companies will use ‘black-hat’ techniques. Sometimes these ‘black-hat’ techniques will get your website on to Google page #1 very quickly, however, Google can recognize these techniques and penalize the perpetrators. The results of this are that Google can either completely remove your site from showing up on searches, or, they can push you far down to the bottom of the list; requiring significant time and money to get your site back up. Net 360 Solutions is a Langley SEO services company that uses only ‘white-hat’ techniques to get our clients to the top of the Google search rankings. Ensuring that you will not only reap the benefits of higher Google rankings, but you can be sure that it’s done right.

At Net 360 Solutions our team of SEO experts have years of business experience and can help increase your bottom line, driving targeted traffic to your business, while helping you convert that traffic into buyers. We hope this information will be helpful to you when selecting an SEO services company to work with, and of course we hope that you will consider choosing Net 360 Solutions.


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